Ecology Camp

High School Hikers Program
of the Sierra Club, Hawaii Chapter

Ecology Camp Info

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Advisors: You may print out these forms as needed. These are in Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF Format

The 2012 Ecology Camp – February 18-20, 2012 (Sat-Mon) Our Lady of Kea’au

You need all these forms filled out for Ecology Camp by Jan 10, 2012

  • Chair: Bob Keane
  • Camp Area Assignments by School
  • Committees-ResponsibilitiesPDF
  • Cover-Letter PDFDoc
  • Ecology Camp Project Description PDF
  • General Information PDFDoc
  • Our Lady of Kea’au brochure – PDF
  • Registration & Payment Form PDFDoc
  • Registration List from Advisors PDFDoc
  • Registration  Spreadsheet  XLS
  • SC Liability Release Form PDF
  • SC Sign-in, Waiver/Liability Release PDFDoc
  • SC Medical Form PDFDoc
  • SC Med Treatment Med Form PDF,
  • Schedule EC2012 PDF
  • Student Behavior Guidelines PDFDoc

The 2011 Ecology Camp – February 19-21, 2011 (Sat-Mon) Camp Pupukea

You need all these forms filled out for Ecology Camp (as of Jan 31, 2011) : S=student, A=adult, CA=club advisor

The 2010 Ecology Camp – January 16-18, 2010 (Sat-Mon) –  Camp Mokuleia Campgrounds

You need all these forms filled out for Ecology Camp

The 2009 Ecology Camp at Marine Corps Base Hawaii (Kaneohe) – March 27-30, 2009

The 2008  Ecology Camp at Paumalu, Oahu

  • info – for Paumalu (pdf)
  • form – for cecology camp

The 2007 November Ecology Camp at Kea’au Makaha, Oahu

  • Separate forms in case you need to edit it.

The 2007 Ecology Camp at Malaekahana, Oahu

The 2006 Ecology Camp at Camp Pupukea, Oahu

The 2005 High School Hikers Ecology Camp on the Island of Molokai

The 2004 Ecology Camp at Pupukea

The 2003 Ecology Camp Camp Kokokahi, Kaneohe

The 2001 Ecology Camp MCBH, Kaneohe

The 2001-B Ecology Camp Planning

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