High School Hikers Program
of the Sierra Club, Hawaii Chapter

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the High School Hikers?

A. High School Hikers (HSH) is a program in the Hawaii chapter of the Sierra Club. HSH works in cooperation with the State of Hawaii Department of Education. For more information, go to Brochures, Videos and Presentations

Q. How is a High School Hiker Club formed?

A. HSH partners with a volunteer advisor, frequently a teacher, of the high school to form an activity club in the school. The club must be approved by the school and follow the school’s club format and rules.

Q. Who can be a member?

A. Any student of the high school can join the club.

Q. Who are the leaders?

A. The high school leader is always the school advisor. HSH assigns a Sierra Club trained hike leader to the club.

Q. How are hikes chosen?

A. Each school year, the club meets and decides what hikes to schedule for the year. The schedule is published per Sierra Club policy for insurance purposes.

Q. Where are the school clubs hiking?

A. Each particpating school’s schedule is listed on the school page here.

Q. Are there inter-school activities?

A. Each school year, HSH plans four inter-school events:

  1. Fall Hikers Workshop – a meet and greet for students, followed by hike and environmental related workshops
  2. Halloween Camp complete with a costume contest, pumpkin carving, spooky stories and a hike in the dark.
  3. Ecology Camp weekend (and/or Neighbor Island trip) with workshops, service projects, guest speakers and evening events.
  4. End-of-year picnic, dinner or other social event. Good food, good fun, good fellowship,awards and slides shows abound.

Q. When and where are these events?

A. The HSH Schedule of Events Page lists all the dates and information.

Q. How can my school set up a HSH hiking club?

A. Please visit our Forming a Club Page.

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