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High School Hikers Program
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What Forms to Use in the School Year

September 2006

Sierra Club forms:
At the start of the year:
1.  At the beginning of the year,  make up a hike schedule.  Print this schedule for the year on the back of the Individual Liability Waiver form.  The Individual Liability Waiver  applies to all activities on this schedule.
2.  Make-up a Minor Release form and a Medical form for all activities for the year.
For each Activity:
1.  Sign-In Sheet.  Only adults sign this sheet.  Minors’ signature are not legally sufficient in case of liability law suit.  This is why we have the Individual Liability form made-up to apply to all hikes at the beginning of the year.  If you have students fill in the information on this sheet on the morning of the activity, sign-in  will take a long time.  Have this information filled in ahead of time; it will save you valuable time.  Then you can use this sheet as an attendance sheet and cross out the no-shows.  You can have the students initial the sheets if you like.  This makes them feel like they are participating in the process.  A copy of the Sign-in Sheet must be sent in to the Outings Chair (John Cummings).
Suggestion:  If your club roster is made-up with the same information in the same order as the Sign-in Sheet, all you have to do is “copy and paste” the information to make-up the form.
2.  The Safety Management Plan is made-up for each activity.  We need to do something about this neglect.  So far I have made these up for only the over-night activities involving all clubs.
3.  Incident Report.  This form is made-up if there is a serious incident that occurs.
There are many more Sierra Club forms, but these are the essential ones with which you start. See the forms index page for for a complete list.
For the DOE forms, please check with your Student Activities Coordinator (SAC).

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